What Are Fresh Food?

There is a dog food on the market today which uses FRESH in its name.

It's kibble.

How fresh can kibble be? Don’t be fooled. Check the expiry date. If it’s longer than 7 days, it's as ‘fresh’ as a Twinkie. Diet is the foundation of health, and whether it’s in our lives or our pets, a ‘fresh & local’ food choice is always the healthiest choice.

Why My Canine Fresh Food?

My Canine Fresh Foods recipes always start with fresh, pure cuts of chicken, beef or salmon and are then paired with local legumes, fruit, and vegetables – all sourced locally. Unlike conventional dry or canned pet food, My Canine Fresh Meals contains no fillers, no chemical preservatives, and no animal by-products or meat meals.

At My Canine Fresh Foods only fresh, human-grade ingredients, locally sourced in Canada are crafted by a chef and a pet nutritionist to deliver the bowl-licking balanced nutrition your best friend needs for all life stages. Each meal is finished with a prebiotic biscuit to promote digestion and gastrointestinal health.

Gently cooked to maintain all the nutrition with none of the food safety risks, My Canine Fresh Food patties are formulated to be nutritionally balanced whether used as your dog's main meal or as a topper.

For convenience, fresh patties are flash frozen to maintain maximum nutrient levels of the real food in each patty. Simply thaw and serve these individually wrapped patties. Health, nutrition, and science come together in one convenient patty. No more measuring, no more mess, no more lack of choice - welcome to My Canine Fresh Foods.