Testimonials - Many Wagging Tails

Proof is in the 💩

Coco and Crumble have been eating My Canine Fresh Food patties for a number of months as a topper for their kibble. I recently switched them completely over to only patties and I've noticed a big difference in their bowel movements....much smaller and less stinky! Crumble is prone to ear infections and since I've switched her to the grain free patties I've seen a noticeable improvement. They absolutely love it and I love knowing that they are getting fresh, healthy meat and vegetables without all the additives that other dog food has.



She's Doing MUCH better!

Hi Sheryl,

Just wanted to give you the good news.

I had Keira tested on Sept 22nd for, Spec cPL-Canine She tested at 337 ug/L

I started Keira on your food right away.

Had Keira retested on Oct 20th Spec cPL-Canine Her tests result was 36 ug/L yeah *:) happy

Less then 3 weeks on your food and she is all better.

Now I have to look at other patties you make.

Thank you for everything